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Pelkosenniemi - the Land of Rivers and Rapids

The municipality of Pelkosenniemi is situated in Lapland. It is the heart of Maid Finland with cultural nature tourism, historical sights, Pyhä-Luosto National Park and Pyhä-Luosto Holiday Resort.

Unique Pyhä-Luosto:
Pyhä-Luosto National Park and the nature centre
Pyhä, the boundary mark of Lapland and Lanta (= the Finnish settlement of Lapland)
The only operating amethyst mine of Europe in Luosto's Lampivaara
Pyhä-Luosto Holiday Resort - alpine skiing slopes, cross-country skiing tracks and hiking trails
Aittakuru amphitheatre
Revontulikappeli - the first tourist church in Lapland

Nature tourism:
Canoeing routes
Bird watching spots

Cultural historical sights:
Pelkosenniemi wooden church
Memorials for Winter War and Soviet soldiers
Suvanto - the only village entirety in Lapland to survive the war, representing Northern Ostrobothnian building traditions